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  • Welcome to join us.
    The future belongs eternally to those who lead the tide and dare to create !


    Anji Situo Furniture is a professional manufacturer of office chair, is an exquisite furniture enterprise with an integration of design, development, production and sales.

    Established in the year 2010, it has a production base of 12,000 square meters, and continuously carried on the managerial concepts of Quality, Innovation and Cooperation, New Era people know deeply that product quality is the life of enterprise, so we pay more attention to the management of product quality as well as the design and development of new products.

    We have more than 15 years experience in furniture developing & manufacturing. Our main products include office chairs, home chairs and gaming chairs , etc. We not only sell competitively-priced products, but also offer a full range of services. We want our clients to be eager to do business with us again and again. We conduct strict tests for quality to ensure the consistently high standards of our products. Our products are manufactured according to international standards and each product is inspected at the factory prior to delivery.

    The future belongs eternally to those who lead the tide and dare to create ! Conik people will carry on the cause and forge ahead into the future and work endlessly for the cause of Chinese furniture as well as the more colorful life of the people. Conik Furniture will enter thousands of families with the intelligence of Conik people.

    Welcome to join us.


    Anji Situo's goal is to become a leader in our industry by providing a product designed for a healthier working environment.


    Anji Situo is committed to building a product applying the latest available technology and methods of production. ECD’s Ergonomic Office Seating provides you with a “healthy” choice to give you the correct ergonomic solution to the needs of your “Hi-tech” working environment without sacrificing styling or design.
    We are also committed to professional top quality customer service and responsiveness to your needs so that we may guarantee you full customer satisfaction.


    Anji Situo will strive to build product considering the users needs and evaluation of the product. Then we determine ways to implement those desired improvements.

    We request your help by suggesting any product or feature you consider important in your particular need which is missing from our product line. Your suggestions will then be analyzed and considered for the possibility of future production.